Spools and Reels

Crescent Paper Tube has almost 100 years of experience producing quality spools and reels. We provide spools and reels to your specifications.

Yarn Carriers

Crescent Paper Tube has had close to 100 years of experience supplying high quality yarn carriers to fibers manufacturers. We are able to provide yarn carriers with precise dimensional tolerances, including different surface qualities, such as embossing and colored outside.

Tape Label Cores

Crescent Paper Tube offers a full range of tape and label cores each carefully crafted to customers specifications, including a variety of specialty outside plies, and custom printing inside and out. We offer a robust stocking program to provide short lead times for common tape and label industry sizes. High quality, consistent manufacturing processes, utilizing…

Mailing and Packaging Tubes

At Crescent Paper Tube, we offer shipping tubes in a wide variety of sizes and colors custom made to your parameters. From light weight mailing tubes to heavy duty packaging tubes, use our tubes to confidently protect your products during shipment.

Cloth and Floor Covering Cores

Crescent Paper Tube has vast experience successfully supplying cloth and floor covering cores. From spiral paper tubes and cores to convolute paper tubes and cores, Crescent Paper Tube has close to 100 years of experience successfully supplying the cloth and floor covering industry.

Converter Cores

For close to 100 years, Crescent Paper Tube has been a leading supplier to the small roll converter core industry. From spiral converter cores to convolute converter cores which can be produced to very exacting diameter specifications. High quality, consistent manufacturing processes, utilizing our state of the art equipment, make Crescent Paper Tube the supplier…